Website Design & Development

A website is the single most important and vital investment a business can make. It is, more often than not, the first impression a customer will have of your business. We are expert technologists, but more importantly we understand the importance of the users' experience. Is your messaging clear? Is your site usable? Does it work on all platforms and devices?

User Interface & User Experience

Mobile Applications

Mobile technology is the single biggest opportunity brands have to enagage customers in the digital era. There are more than a billion smartphones in use today, and we aim to leverage this new and exciting opportunity. More than just having a mobile version of your site, think about providing an application, utility or service, to keep your customers constantly engaged. Yeah...we can do that.

Mobile Apps

Strategy &

We offer strategic thinking both on and offline. We determine the current state of a clients' business, where they should take it, and the best way to reach their customers. This may be through traditional advertising, social media, online advertising, or a re-established web presence.

Brand Development

Brand development is central to everything we do at Piccirilli Dorsey. More than just a logo, font or color palette - a brand is how a customer experiences your product or service. A brand must also be consistent across all media, devices and materials, delivering a cohesive message.


We may be a digital agency, but we understand the importance of print design and collateral. Let's face it, business cards, stationery suites and brochures are still an essential part of day to day business. And being consistent across all printed pieces, is just as important.

Motion Graphics & Video

The use of motion graphics and video online can be a potent tool. Good marketing is all about telling a story and making a connection with the customer. Video can do just that. And with todays online video platforms, businesses now have access to millions of users worldwide.